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What To Expect During Weatherford Plumbing Maintenance

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Weatherford plumbing and maintenance.

The plumbing system is one of the essential things ensuring the smooth operation of every home. However, many people only call a plumber once there are visible issues with the system.

Maintenance and preventive care are essential practices for every Weatherford homeowner, and experts recommend doing them at least once a year. Regular plumbing maintenance is a way for professionals to assess the condition and performance of the plumbing system, which helps them identify early signs of issues before they escalate.

That helps save the money and time you would have used to replace the plumbing system. It also helps ensure the plumbing system works at its best all year round and increases its lifespan. Below is our recommended maintenance checklist.

Looking For Leaks

Leaks are the most common issue that plumbers across North Texas deal with. Regardless of the size, they can result in significant water wastage, increased water bills, and damage to your home walls or floors.

Some significant signs we look for include a musty smell, mold, mildew, water stains on the ceilings or walls, low water pressure, and blistering or peeling wallpaper or paint. We also shut off all fixtures and check the water meter to help us identify a leak in the underground pipes.

Water Pressure Checks

The standard water pressure for homes is usually between 50 and 70 psi. Very high water can damage your pipes and fixtures, while very low pressure results in low water output and water heater issues.

Low water pressure could result from issues like changed regulations from the city, a shut-off or partially-opened shut-off or meter valve, clogged or corroded pipes, leaks, failing pressure regulators, or failed faucets.

While you can remedy some of these issues, some are serious and require a professional plumber. You can get a pressure gauge and attach it to one outdoor faucet to check your pressure, and contact a professional immediately if you notice an issue.

Water Heater Inspection

Our regular water heater inspection mainly includes looking for signs of leaks, sediment buildup, and leaks. We also flush and drain the water tank and replace your anode rod to prevent future corrosion.

If you identify any issues like unusual noises, irregular water temperature, or rusty or discolored water, we recommend calling a plumber immediately for repairs or replacements.

Drain Cleaning

Clogs are another major issue that Weatherford plumbers deal with. They could result from hair, grease, soap, or mineral buildup. They could also result from tree root intrusion.

The first step is to clear the clog in the drain line with a cable or snake. Then, using the sewer camera, the plumber can tell what caused the clog & devise a plan to repair the line.

Pipe Inspection

Pipes experience damage because of age, ground shifts, corrosion, and clogs, which could result in leaks, loose joints, cracks, or bursts. Regular pipe inspection helps us identify these issues early, requiring minor repairs instead of replacements. It also helps us increase the pipes' effectiveness and lifespan.


Winter can cause significant damage to North Texas plumbing systems, which makes winterizing them essential.

Winterizing, which might involve disconnecting outdoor hoses, insulating the pipes, and draining outdoor irrigation systems, helps prevent freezing in the lines, which could cause bursts and leaks. We also recommend that you maintain a consistent temperature in the home.


Regular plumbing maintenance ensures that your plumbing system works at its best always, making your home more comfortable. It also gives you peace of mind and saves you money and time in the long run.

While some of the tasks are simple, ensure you call a professional plumber if you don't know what to do or experience a severe issue.

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