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Homeowners can suffer extensive damage to their homes associated with plumbing leaks. This article will discuss the significant issues plumbing leaks can cause.

Water Damage
Water damage is often the result of plumbing leaks. It can cost a lot when it comes to making repairs to the areas that have been affected. Leaving water damage unattended can lead to mold and cause even more problems with your home, it can even cause health issues.


Increased Water Bills
One of the instant effects of having a leak is an increase in water bills. Even a tiny drip that homeowners ignore can lead to higher bills. It affects how homeowners budget their households and can be very strenuous.


Repair Costs
One of the reasons why homeowners should take care of leaky pipes, showers, toilets, and any other places showing signs of a leak is the repair costs. Moreover, if a leak is not repaired, it’s only going to get worse, leading to more damage and extensive repairs and replacement.


Emergency Service
A plumbing leak can also lead to emergency services. These emergencies, such as burst pipes or continuous leaks, require repair immediately to avoid more damage. Emergency Service is very stressful to homeowners since it occurs unexpectedly. This leads to them hiring an emergency plumber, which could put a strain on the household budget, as emergency plumbing service is more costly than regular service.


Insurance Deductibles
If a leak causes damage, homeowners may file an insurance claim to cover the damage. However, some insurance companies do not cover every damage according to their policies. It leaves homeowners no option but to cover the extra expenses out of pocket.

A plumbing leak can result in significant amounts of damage. Regular inspection and maintenance can prevent leaks, which is why Bearcat Plumbing is proud to offer our customers home service plans. If you see any drips or signs of water where it shouldn’t be, don't ignore it. Just call Bearcat Plumbing immediately and avoid significant damage.

Leak in the ceiling? Call Bearcat Plumbing
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