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Bearcat Plumbing
Your Faucet Maintenace Experts

We recognize the integral role sink faucets play in every home's plumbing system. Just like any other essential component, sinks and faucets demand regular attention and care to operate seamlessly. While it's tempting to overlook faucet maintenance, doing so can lead to larger issues like leaks, reduced water flow, and other complications that can be both costly and time-consuming.

Cleaning your sink faucets is one of the essential preventative maintenance tasks you can perform. Over time, mineral deposits, dirt, and grime can collect on the handles and aerator, decreasing water flow, and leading to leaks. A simple routine of cleaning your faucets with mild soap and water can help avoid buildup and keep them looking as good as new. 

A blocked or damaged aerator is a typical problem associated with faucets. The aerator is a little device that helps regulate the water flow and is attached to the end of the faucet's spout. The flow of water tends to slow down if the aerator becomes obstructed by mineral deposits or other debris. While cleaning this part can sometimes resolve the issue, there are instances where a replacement is unavoidable due to a worn-out cartridge, which regulates water flow.

Other common faucet challenges for homes West of Fort Worth:

  • Worn out O-rings

  • Loose or challenging faucet handles

  • Faucet replacement to give your room a facelift

Having a qualified plumber evaluate your sink faucets regularly is always a good idea to check for leaks and other potential issues. Regular plumbing inspections help you stay ahead of potential issues, read about our home service plans to stay ahead of plumbing problems.

Being diligent in your home's plumbing maintenance is always a smart investment, not only for your time but your finances and overall stress. If you keep up with regular faucet maintenance, you can extend their useful life and ensure they continue functioning reliably for years.

Sink installed by Bearcat Plumbing
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