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Toilet Service Repair & Replacement

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Toilet Service Repair

Toilets are the most commonly used plumbing fixtures in homes and residential properties. However, they can easily wear out or get damaged, posing great threats such as clogs, leaks, and rusty screws. Fortunately, a professional plumber has the knowledge to get your toilet back in good working order :

  1. Repair: A plumber can diagnose and offer repair options for your toilet problems, such as a faulty flushing system, clogs, and leaks. Generally, they will replace faulty parts such as a fill valve and flappers or clean out accumulated clogs using unique tools.

  2. Replacement: If your toilet is beyond repair or you are considering an upgrade, a plumber will help you to choose and install a new one. This process will involve preparing for a proper connection, ensuring the right fit, and making sure there is a good seal.

  3. Flange Replacement: A flange is a fitting that connects to the drain line coming up to the toilet and is what the toilet attaches to. After some time, this element may wear out and lead to plumbing issues such as leaks. Luckily, a plumber can replace it to return your toilet’s efficiency.

  4. Wax Ring Replacement: A wax ring is another component protecting leaks between your toilet and drainpipe. When faulty, it can cause leaks and bad odors in your bathroom. However, a professional plumber can restore or replace it to prevent such problems.

  5. Upgrades: A plumber can save you from huge water bills with a bathroom upgrade. This will involve choosing and installing an energy-friendly option, such as a dual-flush toilet that utilizes less water for liquid waste or low-flow models, which generally use less water.

Conclusively, a plumber can enhance your bathroom’s functionality by toilet servicing or replacement. Qualified plumbers have the expertise to maneuver even in complex upgrades and replacements to ensure an effective toilet plumbing system. Therefore, if you are tired of experiencing frequent toilet problems or need routine maintenance, consider contacting these professionals to address your issue.

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